A Specialty Ingredient with an Even More Special Story

Several years back, on yet another journey down a windy dirt road, we climbed straight up the steep side of the Sierra and a series of hairpin turns, over boulders with 300’ drop-offs. At the top, we found a forgotten village where purple garlic was planted on handmade terraces and fertilized with goat manure carried bucket by bucket. Selected over generations, this braided garlic was carried down the mountain and sold in Santa Rosalia, Loreto, and Mulege.

We fell in love with this place, its people, and their pungent, purple garlic. We quickly started selling it in the US market. True to our crazy, creative spirit, we decided to make a braid over 40 meters long to promote the garlic, setting the Guinness World record for the longest garlic braid. We had to make a special spinning dolly to wind the braid which we loaded on a pallet and shipped to San Francisco. Once there, we sold it to Stinking Rose, an upscale gourmet restaurant. We orchestrated the delivery and paraded it around San Francisco. After having it blessed by the local parish priest it was installed on the walls of the restaurant where it wound through all their rooms and seating area.

Years later, we continue to sell this special purple garlic from this truly special place. We are proud of helping this little mountain community access the US market.

The farms, families, and spirit behind this purple garlic represents some of the best of what Jacobs Farm Del Cabo is all about