Cherry Tomatoes

Our cherry tomatoes have been with Del Cabo since day one! They have withstood the test of time for 30+ years and have proven themselves over and over as one of our go-to tomatoes. Their sweet and plump taste is perfect for salads, sautees, and snacking.

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Early Girls

Exclusively grown in California, our Early Girl tomatoes are cultivated with sustainability in mind—only needing to be watered twice after being transplanted. This dry farm technique is why our Early Girls are so rich in flavor. Less watering causes the plant to concentrate all the moisture and flavor into the tomato, enabling it to be loaded with nutrients and that sweet sweet Summer goodness.


Heirloom Mixed Medley

Just like our Mixed Medley Pack, our Heirloom Mixed Medley has that "Del Cabo character". It represents what people can do when they work together. Our unique breeding team has cultivated these tomatoes to yield a sweet, juicy, and colorful mix of delicious tasting heirloom tomatoes.


Honey Bunch

For years, our breeding team set out to create a compact, immensely sweet and flavorful yellow tomato—and the honey bunch delivers! This golden tomato is the result of that hard work and is a long time Del Cabo pride project.

Mixed Medley

Mixed Medley

Our Mixed Medley pack is the essence of the Del Cabo co-op, taking a little from all our farms. Its tastes range from all over Baja, which is what makes this pack so flavorful. The different regions and climates dictate the taste and represents the vast scale of our operation and what it embodies.

Red Pear

Red Pear

Our Red Pear is just as delicious as its spherical sisters. These little drops of sweetness are perfect for adding character and tang to all your soups, salads, and snacks!


Rubies on the Vine

Our signature cocktail...tomato. Grown and bread south of the border, these gems bring a light yet flavor-packed punch that’s sure to boost any salad to the next level.


Sugar Plum Grape

Nature's candy. A longtime favorite, our sugar plum grape is the perfect snacking tomato. Period.


Sweet 100

These little ones are a Del Cabo spin-off of our cherry tomatoes and pack a sweet punch of tomatoey flavor.



Tomatillos have a tart, fruity, and slightly herbal flavor. They're most often used in salsas and sauces, although they can also be eaten raw.


Tomatoes on the Vine

For when the smaller snacking tomatoes just don't cut it! Our slicer tomatoes are packed with mouthwatering juicy sweetness. Hand selected and vine-ripened, our tomatoes on the vine are the perfect slicer for your snack.

Yellow Pear

Yellow Pear

Warm, sweet, and bright— these tomatoes taste like a bite of summertime sunshine.

Find Our Tomatoes

Our tomatoes are sold in grocery stores and specialty markets across the United States and Canada. If you can't find our tomatoes at your favorite local store, ask them to start carrying us!

Useful Tip

How to Store Tomatoes

To refrigerate or not to refrigerate, that is the question.

When storing tomatoes you must fight the urge to place them in the fridge right away. It is a common misunderstanding that tomatoes need to be refrigerated immediately. They are best kept at room temperature, which allows the fruit to fully ripen and the complexed sugars fully develop. When tomatoes are placed in the fridge it stops the ripening process and makes the tomato lose flavor.

However, if your tomatoes are fully ripe and getting on the soft side—and you’re not one to let food go to waste—placing them in the fridge will enable you to get a few more days of shelf life. It’s a balancing act!

Storing Tomatoes

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